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What is a SpaceDraft template?

A SpaceDraft template is any whole project or individual scene that has been saved as a template. Doing so duplicates the project or scene and creates an editable copy that can be reused.

What can templates be used for?

Templates save valuable time by negating the need to start from scratch every time you make a new SpaceDraft. Additionally, templates can be shared with others, meaning everyone can start on the same page.

Some of the great ways to use templates include:

  • Industry applications include the standardisation of structures for the presentation of information, such as incident reports or site inductions.
  • Event planners can create templates for recurring events, or events that occur in the same venue.
  • Teachers in universities and schools can use templates to guide students through activities and assignments, providing inspiration while reducing misunderstanding.

How do I create my own template?

To create a template, you need to first create a SpaceDraft project that can then be saved as a template.

If you don’t already have a SpaceDraft account, register for free here to get started on your first project. The interactive tour will guide you, providing all the handy tips you need to make a great first project!

Saving a whole project as a template

From your Dashboard, click the three dots on your project, then click ‘Save as Template’.

Saving an individual scene as a template

From inside your project, click the drop-down navigation menu. Next, click the three dots next to the name of a scene, then click ‘Save as Scene Template’.

From the project navigation menu, click the three dots next to a scene to save a scene as a template.

How do I view and use my templates?

From your Dashboard, click the ‘Templates’ option from the left-hand menu. From the Templates page you can view, manage and use your templates.

The SpaceDraft Templates page lets you create and manage templates.

Using a project template

From the Templates page, click on the template you wish to use, then click ‘Use Template’. This will copy the template into a new project. You can then edit and customise this new project without changing the original template.

You can also modify or delete a project template by clicking the three dots next to the template’s name.

Using a scene template

There are two ways to use a scene template. The first way is to navigate to the Templates page, then click on a scene template. This will create a new project with the scene template as the first scene.

The second method is to insert a scene template into a project that already exists. From within the project, click the project navigation menu, then click the ‘Insert Template’ button.

From the project navigation menu, click the Insert Template button to insert a scene from a template.

How do I share my template with other people so they can use it themselves?

From the project, click the ‘Share’ button, then select ‘Send as a Template’. From here, select whether you would like to share the project as a template via link, email, or by generating a downloadable QR code.

How do I use a template from the Inspiration library?

SpaceDraft’s Inspiration library has dozens of readymade templates and examples to get you started. To use one of these templates, click on the arrow next to your username, then select ‘Inspiration’. From here, click on the template you wish to use, then click ‘Use Example’. This will add the template to your dashboard as a new, completely editable, project.