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The Space/Time modal is where your SpaceDraft journey begins. This is where you set your background (Space) and timeline (Time) – the foundations upon which your SpaceDraft is built.

Once you have created your project in the My Projects page, you will be prompted to set the scene by clicking the start button. This opens the Space / Time modal, which can also be found by clicking the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen.

You can open the Space and Time settings at any point during your build to make adjustments.

Space settings

Here is where you set your background. You can choose from a few options:

Space settings options

1. Maps

Enter an address and choose a map type. To zoom – use two fingers on the trackpad or CONTROL + mouse scroll.

Use Maps if you are building a SpaceDraft based on a specific location. For example, directions on how to get somewhere.

📲 For touch devices, spread two fingers apart on the map to zoom in. Pinch to zoom out.

2. Image

Upload or drag and drop any image to use as your background.

You can upload any image whether it’s a screenshot, something you have created, or downloaded from the internet. It can be a floor plan or graphic of any physical or virtual space.

3. Empty

Selecting Empty gives you a blank canvas. Use this option if you want to mark up your background within SpaceDraft using the draw tools.

4. Suggestions

Use suggestions to browse templates.

5. Background colour

Set your background colour by using the pallet at the bottom of the window. You can choose one of the default colours or click the pallet to input a HEX value.

Time settings

The time settings can be found by clicking the ‘Set your Time’ tab at the top of the modal. Choose a time format that suits your project.

Time options

1. Time

Set your scene in minutes, hours or seconds.

2. Clock

Schedule the plan in 12 or 24 hour time.

3. Steps

Kick off your SpaceDraft by using step intervals.

4. Stages

Start your SpaceDraft at a certain stage.

5. Custom

Define your SpaceDraft in units of your choice such as Galactic Years, Yards or Unicorn Hops.

6. Duration and Start Time

Set the start time – when you want your scene to begin, and duration or end time – how long you want the scene to go for.

7. Timeline Preview

Use the timeline preview under the background preview to see how your time measurement will display.

8. Apply

Hit the apply button to set your Space and Time options, or press cancel to revert back to the previous settings.