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Bring your plan to life, with SpaceDraft.

Take the guesswork out of any scenario, story or event.

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Your ideas are worth understanding.

SpaceDraft Planning

Bring your ideas to life from every angle with sound, words, graphics and movement.

SpaceDraft Examples

Share your vision for the future in a digestible way, with customisable timelines.

SpaceDraft Collaboration

Collaborate in real-time and share projects instantly with links and QR codes.

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For every time you’ve thought,
‘I wish I could just show you.'

Explore the thousands of ways SpaceDraft is being used to save time, money and headaches.

‘Just send me the SpaceDraft!’

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SpaceDraft takes the guesswork out of everything.

Willie Rowe, Screenwest CEO 2016-2020

SpaceDraft makes planning fun for students rather than a chore. It’s a game changer for getting students organised and ready for the real world of filmmaking.

Nicole Spanbroek, Scotch College Media Teacher

As a football coach, it's been a no brainer to use SpaceDraft for planning our training sessions.

Simone Anderson, North Fremantle Football Club Coach

SpaceDraft helps to relay any director’s vision in the fastest way possible.

Rachael Karotkin, San Cisco production team Producer

Efficiency wise, safety wise, process wise.
SpaceDraft is a game changer.

Olly Maingard, Merge Mechanical Director

SpaceDraft is honestly the best! I have the coolest instruction manual at my finger tips for the exact job I need to do.

Phoebe Caporn, Quairading, WA Farm Hand

SpaceDraft makes D&D feel more realistic and really helps to shape your plans and bring your world to life.

Ben Cossy, Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Master

I wish ALL my teachers had SpaceDraft to explain complex ideas because we’re all visual learners.

Patrick Latcham, Scotch College student, Class of 2020

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All great ideas start with a story

SpaceDraft helps to creatively communicate the who, what, when, where, why & how of your idea.

Turn your idea into a plan

Map out what’s in your head so that anyone can understand exactly what you need them to know.

Communicate over space & time

Share ideas dynamically through pins that move across a completely customisable timeline, whether you’re planning for milliseconds or millennia.

What are you waiting for?

Take charge of the future.

Join our worldwide community of SpaceDrafters and build your first project for free today!

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paper drawing scene of water
paper drawing scene of island
paper drawing scene pathway
paper drawing scene handwritting 'start'
Underwater scene in front of an island
Objective start for Story Visual
Objective indicator for Story Visual
Illustration of a scubadiver swimming
Smaller star collected
Illustration of a scubadiver taking a photo of 3 fish

Player has 1 minute dive time to find all the stars.

Step 1

Player must take 5 clear photos before all the bubbles run out.

Step 2

Update quest log when player leaves space. Star opens portal.

Headshot photo of collaborator 1
Headshot photo of collaborator 2
“Hey John, bubbles need to be timed to track 15. Call Lin at soundbite to confirm. Thanks!”
Headshot photo of collaborator 3
“Track 15 approved for bubbles! Thanks for sending the SpaceDraft!”
SpaceDraft Shared
Step 1
Step 2

Loved and used by great people doing amazing things

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