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Staging problems helps people find the solution.

Empowering teams to visualise the play for any scenario or situation.

Join industry leaders already making the move.

Visually animate any plan.

SpaceDraft brings plans to life, making information enjoyable to understand and empowering teams to visualise what comes next for enhanced safety and productivity.

With SpaceDraft you can communicate detail in any place or area of your operation, across any aspect of time.

Manage your own library of images, video and audio to develop with speed, accuracy and familiarity, and add new assets as and when you need them.

With audio and voice recording, you can easily add deeper context and meaning to your SpaceDraft for even greater clarity.

Replace meaningless paper trails with SpaceDrafts proprietary verification of competency workflow. Develop fit-for-purpose visual and audio information to give you confidence in your teams capability.

With real-time collaboration and QR code sharing, you can relax with the confidence your team has access to the best information, and verification of competency to take your organisation further.

Verification of competency Strengthen safety & risk management

Establish proper site inductions and competency verification processes, ensuring workers are qualified and skilled and reduces the likelihood of incidents, safeguarding both employees and the environment. SpaceDraft simplifies compliance with regulations, promoting good governance and mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

Having a dynamic shutdown plan on your phone that everyone can see is an absolute game changer!

Shutdown Superintendent, Rio Tinto

Integrity & compliance Optimize resource allocation

By digitising processes and eliminating paper usage, SpaceDraft cuts down your paper trail. Real-time collaboration and template creation makes it easier to update and streamline operations which means cost savings and improved sustainability.

Having SpaceDraft integrated in our process has taken a weight off the shoulders in terms of meeting our legal requirements with its VOC recordings.

Project Engineer, Fugro

Environmental, social, & corporate governance Foster social responsibility

SpaceDraft is designed to cater to different learning styles, making it an enjoyable and visually engaging productivity tool. By promoting inclusivity and fair employment practices, it contributes to your social responsibility efforts.

SpaceDraft makes information more memorable which ultimately helps keep people safe.

Mining Equiptment Technology Services (METS)

Supercharge your operation today.