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Early-stage game funding is competitive and far from certain. You want to make your application stand out and cover all the important points, while making your game come to life with SpaceDraft!

Governments are making significant investment in early-stage game funding. However, low quality of applications can often let down good teams and good games.

This SpaceDraft Template is based on years of industry practice and will help you deliver the strongest application possible.

Bring you early-stage game concept to life with SpaceDraft scenes.
Communicate key creative concepts of the game design and why it’s worth investing in.
Use the prompts to help set up a toolbox of helpful grant information.


Early-stage game grants allow developers in pre-production or at prototyping level to access funding to push their development forward. While developers are often versed in key game design concepts, they may lack the tools to effectively communicate and sell their ideas to a third party to gain vital initial investment.

  • Written explanations of core game concepts often don’t communicate the game well to funders.
  • Developers often are inexperienced at pitching and can miss key requirements.
  • Focusing on key business aspects such as production, financial planning and marketing makes the project more appealing.
  • Abstract concepts in early-stage planning can present as carrying significant risk.

Good games and great teams can be let down by their ability to communicate the benefits of investing in their project for a funding body.

Loose abstract concepts, failure to adequately communicate scope and lack of demonstration of core design presents a funder with significant risk. Often early career developers are simply unaware of the depth of planning they need to demonstrate commercially.


SpaceDraft is not only great for game design, it brings your early-stage planning to life! You get to show off the best points of the game to funders, which de-risks your project and makes it more enticing for the agency to invest.

Download the free Game funding template here, or scan the QR code.


QR code for SpaceDraft's game funding template.
Communicate your production plan
With SpaceDraft, you can show scope, mechanics, art and timeframe more effectively than in a written document.
Key Business Aspects
Funders want to know how you will take the game to market. This template will prompt you to plan those steps.
De-risk Your Project
Funding agencies want to invest in projects which are likely to succeed in production stages and do well in market. SpaceDraft helps demonstrate your planning and lowers the perceived risk.

This blueprint demonstrates many of the elements I have seen in successfully funded applications. Using SpaceDraft to demonstrate the game’s concepts is a real benefit to the assessment process.

Vee Pendergrast, NZ Centre Of Digital Excellence Operations Manager


The SpaceDraft Early Stage Development Funding Template has been designed to achieve the most consistent funding results using feedback from seven different early-stage game funding providers.

This customisable template is designed to sit across multiple programs, allowing you to produce grant applications for many organisations.

As the funding environment becomes more competitive, this template’s refined approach combines the successful aspects of hundreds of applications, helping to bring out the best in your game design application.

A laptop showing the SpaceDraft Game Funding Template being used for level design.

Future Plan

Grant providers evolve and change their requirements so we will keep this template up to date across multiple agencies.

Download PDF to keep reading

Download our Case Study PDF to dig a bit deeper.