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From the photography schedule to the flower inspiration, see how SpaceDraft can be used to plan for your perfect wedding day.


The most stressful part of organising a wedding is the fear that your dream will not come to life. All that time spent planning and organising, wasted. What a nightmare! With SpaceDraft, you are able to create a visual plan of every detail and picture this in real-time using elements such as movement, sound and images.

It has never been simpler to bring your ideas for the big day to life, to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone involved is on the same page. This project creates an overall vision of how Emily and Sean expect their big day to run and allows them to easily share it with all those involved.

Planning your wedding with SpaceDraft allows you to…

Virtual space Get everything you want right, on your big day.
Virtual space Update your vision in real-time.
Virtual space Make sure everyone is in right place at the right time.

Existing Challenges

Your wedding is your “big day”, it is a sentimental moment that requires an enormous amount of planning and scheduling. Creating a detailed timeline and production of every detail can take time, money and be difficult for people to understand your vision entirely.

There are an enormous amount of people involved in the preparation process so it can be notoriously time consuming and stressful to coordinate everyone. It can be difficult to ensure the planning is thorough enough to avoid having to follow up with people throughout their special day.

Virtual space Overwhelming amount of options for every detail.
Production delays Disappointment when expectations are not met.
Accurately communicate Frustration when communicating back and forth with designers.
Rows of wedding seats


SpaceDraft allows you to share your vision with all parties involved in greater visual detail. A detailed production schedule and timeline can be sent to everyone involved including a number of specific requests:

  • Photography and Videography: Draw out the path and list specific shots and locations.
  • DJ or Band: List song suggestions and include links to playlists.
  • Flowers, cake, makeup, hair and bridesmaid dresses: Include photos for inspiration.
  • Guests: Include list and map out seating and table setup.


Once the SpaceDraft has been created, it can be shared with designers, photographers and stylists and allow them to both collaborate instantly and view updates from any smart device.

The interactive and visual element of SpaceDraft ensures your vision for the big day is understood by everyone and guarantees your expectations will be exceeded.

The project can then be shared with guests so they know exactly what time and where they should be throughout your special day to ensure a smooth outcome for everyone.

Future Plans

No more bridezillas! SpaceDraft ensures you get everything you want on your big day, and allows you to update plans in real-time. Instead of having to explain to everyone what you envision you’re able to show them through a visual project in order to be universally understood.

Weddings are just as stressful as any big event can be throughout the planning process. SpaceDraft can also be used to map out conferences, networking events, parties or any event that requires a tool to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Planning your Wedding with SpaceDraft

Download our Case Study PDF to dig a bit deeper.