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We wondered if SpaceDraft could be used for planning Dungeons and Dragons so got in Dungeon Master, Ben, to chat about the possibilities.


Creating your own fantasy worlds and preparing the next session of Dungeons and Dragons that you’ll play with your friends is no easy task, but SpaceDraft makes it a breeze. It’s a DM’s Dream.

SpaceDraft allows your Dungeons and Dragons story to come to life a you showcase each different story beat with the tools that SpaceDraft has available. Whether it’s visualising character movement, planning out the story or showcasing maps and visuals to illustrate gameplay, it has it all.

D&D Dragon Map out character movement and build better worlds.
Parchment Document all your lore alongside the visuals of your world, all in one place.
D&D Boat See 2D and 3D maps to best immerse yourself in your unique fantasy world.

Existing Challenges

Currently there aren’t many specific tools out there to help you with planning and prepping a Dungeons and Dragons session. It can be difficult to know where to start and what the best ways are to approach planning a D&D session.

Dungeons and Dragons can be a daunting game to those who are new to it. Finding ways to make the overall planning and playing process easier is vital.

✪ Planning and preparing in detail to help you when unexpected moments arise.
✪ Visualising the game board and environments in detail.
✪ Physically map out the story and the journey you will follow.
✪ Share your custom worlds, ideas and lore with others.

SpaceDraft makes D&D feel more realistic and really helps to shape your plans and bring your world to life.

Ben Cossy, Dungeon Master


SpaceDraft uses 2D and 3D visualisation to help Dungeon Masters showcase, plan, visualise and grow their own custom/ home brew Dungeons and Dragons games. It’s the perfect tool to help with planning and also works well with collaboration. If someone wants to share their unique world with others they can easily do so and fill it with a wide variety of information so that anyone could understand and play it through themselves.

  • Strong Communication

    SpaceDraft allows you to use multiple tools to help label, document and cover all the important lore and storytelling details needed to make the game more fun.

  • Improves Planning Stages

    Seeing worlds in 2D and 3D and being able to make notes that link back to larger script really helps with world building.

  • Bringing The World To Life

    Being able to map out character movement, visualise maps and document text all in one place helps the world feel more real and makes DM’ing a breeze.


Dungeons and Dragons is a game that focuses heavily on theatre of the mind, so having a place to help you paint the picture in your mind in more detail is a great tool to help make planning a session easier.

You can visualise the world and the tools at your disposal making it fun and easy to focus on details and important information. That way you’ll feel more comfortable and confident as a Dungeon Master and the games you play will be more fun and fulfilling.

D&D Party

SpaceDraft makes D&D approachable and easy for anyone,
regardless of their skill or experience with the game.

Any good Dungeon Master needs to know every detail about the world they are creating. SpaceDraft helps fill in details and aids DM’s in other areas too. It helps you hone in on details, keep all your information in one place, and makes prepping for a Dungeons and Dragons game so much more fun and exciting. All Dungeon Master’s will find SpaceDraft’s tools easy and accessible to use and they’ll find that their worlds will be richer and more thought out.

Future Plan

SpaceDraft is the perfect tool for anyone to use as a tool to design future Dungeons and Dragons projects, this way they can document their games for future use, and even share them with their friends if they want to play them again, or play it with others at another time. Hopefully many will take full advantage of the tools SpaceDraft has so that others make their own fantasy worlds that are even more detailed and immersive.

SpaceDraft as a tool to get the most out of a Dungeons and Dragons game. It can be used to make detail rich worlds that provide hours of entertainment and joy. Additionally using SpaceDraft’s D&D focused templates and icons will make the process of planning a game easy for anyone, and give great jumping on points to those who are a little bit new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Hopefully it will bring fun and joy to all those who use it.

SpaceDraft for D&D planning

Download our Case Study PDF to dig a bit deeper.