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We brought in Zac, 3D game developer to see how he would develop and pitch his game idea using SpaceDraft. This is what he came up with


Developing a video game experience is an enduring journey which requires significant planning with the skills to match. SpaceDraft is an invaluable tool for documenting and communicating all the information needed to develop a successful product.

SpaceDraft can be used to draft concepts with effective visuals that complement the information being conveyed. With easy methods for sharing and playback, information can be dispersed to clients and within development teams easily.

Reading this case study, you will learn how SpaceDraft can be used to…

Illustrate complex game ideas and mechanics in a digestible format.
Convey a designer’s intention through effective visuals.
Communicate a story to enhance the overall narrative.

Existing Challenges

Developing within the video game market is an arduous task which can seem impossible without the correct tools. Being able to augment arguable the most important stage of development, planning, builds a stable foundation to which a successful can be nurtured.

To reduce the chances of an ineffectual product, key factors need to be satisfied.

  • Hooking audiences with effective pitches and engaging visuals.
  • Both communicate and demonstrate the essence of the game’s narrative and design.
  • Cleanly illustrate the intended gameplay loop and mechanics.
  • Identify and deconstruct competition material in a constructive manner.
  • Document internal production goals, timelines and methodologies.

While these listed factors are not all of which is required to plan a successful product. They are some of the most important aspects to consider.

SpadeDraft offers the tools to communicate these ideas effectively, while staying simple to navigate, develop and share.


SpaceDraft’s visualisation tools allow for the creation of inspiring imagery to hook audiences, while being readily capable to communicate complex narratives, share development solution and communicate market research to clients and team members.

Streamlining the planning stage of any project within the video game development market.

Digestible formats:

Information can be easily accumulated within SpaceDraft documents. Utilising pre-built templates to quickly and effectively convey your ideas.

Use of animations

Utilising a mixture of simple and complex animations, to convey information that is informative then uninspired illustrations and large information dumps.

Efficient shareability

Being able to quickly share and develop SpaceDrafts, allow for vital information to be communicated in a timely manner.


Having effective documentation which can easily referenced to at any point of development, deployment or reflection, is important for succeeding within the industry.

Instead of using convoluted work documents and design briefs which take longer to understand then to create. SpaceDrafts can communicate the same information faster and more effective that traditional methods. Reducing the time spent understanding the details, freeing up more time to spend developing and bringing ideas to life.

Using SpadeDraft to communicate ideas saves valuable time which can be spent creating those same ideas.

Zachary Webb

Future Plan

With continued adoption throughout the market-place, SpaceDraft will allow designers to differentiate themselves from the ever-saturated market. Allowing for more time which can be spent developing ideas to succeed within the industry.

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