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Comments are time-based notes within your SpaceDraft. They are visible for a window of time when you play through your scene, popping open when active.

The comment is set to be visible from the point in time at which you created it, and it will be active (duration of visibility) for one unit of time.

For example, if I add a comment when my timeline is positioned at Time: 2 minutes, the comment will not be visible for the first 1 minutes and 59 seconds. When the comment opens at 2 minutes, it will be visible for 1 minute before disappearing again.

To edit the start time and duration of a comment:

  1. Open the comment.
  2. Select the option  Edit Comment Timing.
  3. A message will appear above the timeline and a second circle will appear on the time slider (if your timeline is open, two neon lines will appear instead ).
    These markers indicate the start and end time of the comment – the period of time that the comment will be visible during playback.
  4. Click and drag the markers to adjust the start time and duration of the comment.
  5. If you would like to keep the comment visible indefinitely, select Show Until End in the message above the timeline.
  6. Click Set to confirm.

Set to Auto Open

When playing your SpaceDraft, you can choose to have comments automatically open at a specified start time and close at a specified end time.

To set a comment to automatically open:

  1. Open the comment.
  2. Expand the menu by clicking .
  3. Select the option Set to Auto Open.
    Your comment will now automatically open at the start time you select.

Set to Always Closed:

You can also choose to have a comment remain closed and only visible if a user clicks on the comment icon.

  1. Open the comment.
  2. Expand the menu by clicking .
  3. Select the option Set to Always Closed.
    Your comment will only open if the comment icon is selected on your SpaceDraft.