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SpaceDraft was invented to revolutionise game design docs forever! These days it can be hard to communicate concepts online or through words. SpaceDraft lets you bring any idea to life in a visual sharable canvas. It helps to digitise, collaborate, and communicate any idea no matter how crazy. With voice over you can narrate gameplay and then send out your SpaceDraft anywhere.

Modern game design is multi-disciplinary and often requires many people with different technical skills to come together. As great as this is, itโ€™s hard for everyone to be on the same page and see the same plan. SpaceDraft lets you map out all your ideas for production, design, programming, art, and sound all in one place. You can gamify your planning and see your idea play out across space and time. Let your plan become your pitch. It’s free and will makes your ideas stronger and workflow easier.

Watch the full video above!