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Use this function to highlight comments in the script. It is useful when you have additional information relating to a specific line or text.

The reference will display as an asterisk in the script. You can click on the in the script and the comment will open in your background.

To reference a comment:

  1. Open the comment
  2. Expand the menu by click the 3 dots in the bottom right corner
  3. Select the option Reference comment’
  4. The script panel will come into focus
  5. Click on a line in the script where you would like to anchor your comment.
  6. You will see a appear in the script.

Delete a reference:

If you want to remove a comment reference from the script, simply:

  1. Open the script panel
  2. Hover over the you want to remove (it will highlight neon on hover )
  3. Right click on the and select ‘Delete reference’